Koření na Bun bo Hue 50g BINH AN

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Značka: BINH AN
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  • Obsah balení: 50g

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Binh An beef noodle soup seasoning 50g pack

Used to make beef noodle soup
Beef noodle soup, rich, delicious
Ensure health and safety
Made in Vietnam
Binh An is a trademark of Vietnam
Weight 50g
Ingredients and uses:

Satay, lemongrass, garlic, chili, sugar, salt, vegetable oil.
Beef noodle seasoning powder is an essential ingredient to help create an attractive pot of beef noodle soup.
The product has a mild spicy taste and the familiar taste of Hue beef noodle soup will surely satisfy the taste of many people.
User manual:

Put the seasoning packet of beef vermicelli into 1 liter of broth, season with sauce until the mouth is full.
Add 200-300g of rare beef, some grated water spinach, bean sprouts, herbs, onions.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from heat sources and chemicals that affect product quality.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Ochucovadla a sůl
Hmotnost: 0.075 kg
Obsah balení: 50g

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